There is some mystery regarding the naming of Port Durnford in Natal, Port Durnford in Somalia and Punta Durnford in the Western Sahara.

It is believed that Port Durnford, Natal was named after Midshipman Edward Philip Durnford. It is also believed that Port Durnford, Somalia was also named after him, but we are still researching. Supposedly two islands were named after him near the place of his death at sea. You can see on the lower map that there are two island just below Port Durnford, Somalia.

There is no information on how Punta Durnford was given it's name and since the area is in the middle of a civil war we may never find out for some time.

If anyone has information on any of these locations please email me.

Punta Durnford

NASA satellite photo

Port Durnford, Somolia


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